welcome letter

On behalf
of the Organizing Committee, we are pleased to announce the 6th D-Cure Symposium entitled :New Frontiers in Diabetes Research

 D-Cure is an organization whose mission is to advance diabetes research in Israel and to translate research discoveries into state of the art patient care. In recent years D-Cure has organized highly successful and prestigious international conferences focusing on a variety of cutting edge topics in diabetes.

 Main Topics

.Birth, life and death of the beta-cell
.Reprogramming alpha cells into beta cells
.Immune therapy of type 1 diabetes
.Inter-organ communication in the pathophysiology of diabetes
.Regulation of insulin secretion and the crosstalk with incretin hormones in diabetes

Sessions will include lectures from leading speakers covering basic research
     aspects and their clinical relevance to diabetes therapy as well as selected lectures
.and posters from submitted abstracts

Deadline for abstract submission October 20th, 2013
e-mail: rinat@medical-expo.co.il

Abstracts will presented as posters at the Hetzliya and/or Beer-Sheva meetings
Two abstracts will be selected for oral presentation at the Hetzliya meeting
One abstracted will be awarded a prize  


(A trainees satellite meeting for post-docs and advanced PhD students (2 years or more
.will take place on November 5th at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
(Details: Eli Lewis (lewis@bgu.ac.il
(Registration: Sarit Ben Naim (SaritB@hadassah.org.il
Program: http://www.lewislab.net/Teaching/D-Cure_trainee_day_BGU_2013.html

The Organizing Committee
Prof. Itamar Raz, D-Cure president
Head Diabetes Unit, Hadassah-Hebrew University
Medical Center. Head, Israel National Diabetes Council

Dr. Sarah Zangen
Diabetes Unit, Hadassah-Hebrew University, Medical Center

Prof. Michael Walker
Department of Biological Chemistry,
Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

Prof. Shimon Efrat
Department of Human Molecular Genetics and
Biochemistry, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv
University, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

Prof. Derek Le-Roith
Director diabetes and Metabolism Clinical Research Center
of Excellence, Clinical Research Institute at Rambam
Rambam - Health Care Campus

Prof. Eli Lewis
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Pharmacology, Ben-Gurion University &
Faculty of Health Sciences, Beer-Sheva

Prof. Gil Leibowitz
Endocrinology and Metabolism Service
Department of Medicine, Hadassah-Hebrew
University Medical Center, Jerusalem