On behalf of the Organizing Committee, We are pleased to announce the 7th  D-Cure Symposium entitled: New Frontiers in Diabetes Research.

D-Cure is an organization whose mission is to advance diabetes research in Israel and to translate research discoveries into state of the art patient care. In Recent years D-Cure has organized highly successful and prestigious international Conference focusing on a variety of cutting edge topics in diabetes.

Main Topics:

Lessons from islet vascularization and regeneration
GLP-1 receptor agonists
Glucagon secretion
Inter-organ communication in diabetes and obesity
Diabetes and the microbiome
Moderate alcohol consumption and diabetes
Beta cell replacement therapy
Beta-cell reconstitution and diabetes recovery by islet cell type interconversion
Technology approaches for beta cell replacement

Confirmed Speakers
Prof. Alvin C. Powers, USA | Prof. Patrick Gilon, Belgium | Prof. Eran Elinav, Israel
Prof. Iris Shai, Israel | Prof. Lori Sussel, USA | Prof. Philippe A Halban, Switzerland
Dr. Daniel G. Anderson, USA | Prof. Jesse Roth, USA | Prof. Gil Leibowitz, Israel